Honey Nut Cheerios pulls bee mascot to send a message

Cheerios Honey Nut

Cheerios Honey Nut

Cheerios is giving away 100 million free wildflower seeds to help endangered bee populations by encouraging people to plant wildflowers all over the U.S. General Mills said in a news release that it aimed to highlight the alarming rate at which bee populations are declining. The bees are critical pollinators of the world's food supply, contributing $14 billion to the value of US crops.

A mere seven days after the campaign was announced, the General Mills blog shared that 1.5 BILLION wildflower seeds were due to be distributed in the USA and Canada.

Wildflowers create bee-friendly habitats where they can collect pollen and nectar, and feed their young.

The giveaway will run through spring.

Third generation beekeeper Andre Flys of Nobleton's Pioneer Brand Honey, is pleased to see an entity like General Mills Canada addressing bee wellbeing.

In addition to replacing the black and yellow Buzz the Bee with a white silhouette, Honey Nut Cheerios packaging has been overhauled with an all-things bee design.

On March 11th and 12th, consumers will be invited to explore the grocery store of the future and discover the striking contrast between two very different futures: one without a healthy bee population and the other highlighting everything that Will happen if we work together to bring back the bees. And previous year, it put $4 million toward the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service to help farmers plant pollinator habitats.

Over the weekend, the company jumped into defense mode, telling critics on social media that while they "appreciate" those concerns, there's no need for worry because the seeds were chosen specifically to attract "bees" (listed as though they're one generic entity) and "are not considered invasive" - which, at least according to the USDA, doesn't appear to be true at all.

And based on the engagement this past week, responses were much better than expected.

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