Aaron Hernandez Double-Murder Trial

Alexander Bradley enters the courtroom Tuesday for his second day of testimony during Aaron Hernandez' double murder trial in Suffolk Superior Court

Alexander Bradley enters the courtroom Tuesday for his second day of testimony during Aaron Hernandez' double murder trial in Suffolk Superior Court

The former New England Patriots tight end is accused of killing the men after de Abreu accidentally bumped into him and spilled his drink at the Boston club. That's when Hernandez allegedly fired five shots into the victims' auto.

In an insane piece written by Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel, the friendship of Aaron Hernandez and Alexander Bradley is described as "inseparable", only to later evolve into a violent rivalry that ended up in Suffolk Superior Court on Monday.

Bradley testified that Hernandez wiped off the murder weapon and threw it out the window on the way to Bradley's girlfriend's apartment in Manchester, Conn., where Hernandez waited for his cousin, Tanya Singleton.

He said Hernandez tried to get the attention of the occupants in the BMW, and when they did not respond he started firing. "Just like, a splash, more or less". Baez also said Bradley was trying to "extort" money from Hernandez.

Hernandez, Bradley said, later shot him in the face in February 2013 in Florida, after Bradley made a passing reference to the killings.

Hernandez got the tattoos eight months after the two men were shot and killed. Then on the ride home, Bradley realized he'd forgotten his cell phone at the club, but Hernandez wouldn't allow the vehicle to be turned around (there were two other friends with them).

"There they go, there they go", Hernandez allegedly said to Bradley, urging him to follow. He said Hernandez was very paranoid but hit up several bars and strip clubs with a group of friends during the trip. During the ride, Hernandez turned towards Bradley and asked him, "Did I see that?"

Bradley, who is also known as Sharrod, addressed Hernandez at one point by Chico, a nickname the athlete sometimes used. In the months following the murder, Bradley claims Hernandez became increasingly suspicious of his surroundings, thinking that "helicopters were following him everywhere".

"My question to you, sir, is: Who are you really?"

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Bradley drove away from the scene, and Hernandez disposed of the gun and shells, according to Bradley.

After he and Hernandez left, Bradley said that he fell asleep in the vehicle.

"I said, 'If they are, it's because of the stupid [expletive] you did in Boston", Bradley testified, according to Yahoo! Before then, though, Hernandez shot and killed Odin Lloyd on June 13, 2013, and was arrested shortly after. However, testifying against Hernandez and making his life sentence somehow even worse is probably close enough. Hernandez knocked him out of the auto and left him there for dead, but did call an ambulance. "He definitely didn't think I would survive".

Toward the end of the day's testimony, prosecutors introduced nearly 500 text messages between Bradley and Hernandez.

After that, Hernandez allegedly became suspicious of everyone and believed the police were after him.

"I never thought ud be da one to shoot me", Bradley texted him.

"[Guys] wanted me 2 try 2 line u up [I] neva agreed", Bradley wrote.

Bradley texted back to let Hernandez know he had just purchased some guns and bulletproof vests.

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