Another New GTA 5 Online Update Out Now, Here's What's Included

GTA Online Ruston

GTA Online Ruston

The latest update for "GTA Online", the multiplayer portion of "GTA 5", is now live.

This week, Rockstar are expanding the toolbox for the Rockstar community to create even bigger and crazier new Stunt Races. Developer Rockstar stated that such uniqueness can be highlighted through the new props they have added. The new update, which will be called Runner Update, will be released ahead of the main "GTA 5 Online" summer DLC release and it will be the last "GTA 5 Online" update for this season.

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Finally, a new vehicle is also added to "GTA 5 Online" via this new update. This week, Rockstar is continuing the fun with another new auto - the new Hijak Ruston. The Hijak Ruston is a "lightweight and pint-sized addition to the Sports class". Additionally, the new auto is a tiny speedster and looks like a kit vehicle.

It's not quite a PC release, but it's the closest thing discounting the PS Now streaming service, which we know many of you avoid on principle alone.

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It can be recalled that Benzies and Rockstar found themselves in a legal battle over $150 million worth of allegedly unpaid royalties some time a year ago, which many believe might be reason enough for the company to make necessary changes in succeeding GTA installments to avoid similar lawsuits in the future. Nevertheless, the new Ruston did not arrive with a new Adversary Mode, as an alternative; it was being coupled with new Creator Content that increases trick races features.

It will likely be followed by Top Down, described as a nostalgic homage to the 2D GTA era with some explosive twists. You can take your fancy new upgrades out to the New Redneck Special Vehicle Race when you're done, to compete against others for a part of the massive prize pool and triple RP, just jump in through the Quick Job App on your smartphone (in-game, of course). Would-be fans of Red Dead Redemption on PC who have been getting the cold shoulder since 2010 have something to look forward to courtesy of a group of modders who undertook the gargantuan task of porting the game over into GTA 5 as a mod.

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