Syria talks in final day as tensions boil over US-led strike

Syria talks in final day as tensions boil over US-led strike

Syria talks in final day as tensions boil over US-led strike

I mean expert meetings.

"This is about the special envoy keeping the Geneva process warm and relevant".

But the talks have been increasingly marginalised over the past year as Assad's forces, backed by Russian Federation and Iran, have won back territory from the rebels, while the United States has largely stepped back from a leading role in Syrian diplomacy.

The strike was the first such close confrontation between US forces and fighters backing President Bashar Assad and the development is likely to increase tensions in the war-torn country.

In an email to The Associated Press, the USA -led coalition's press office said that Syrian pro-government "forces must now withdraw outside of the established de-confliction zone to avert further Coalition action and remove the threat to our forces".

As talks ended, Syria's opposition delegation leader Nasr al-Hariri said that little progress had been achieved, though he highlighted the importance of keeping the UN-mediated process alive.

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"At every meeting, we would like to remind the attendees that state terrorism is being practiced against our country", he added.

"This is the only result from this round", Jaafari said.

"This is absolutely false", al-Jaafari said in response to a question about some statements about the fallacies and that the meetings were focused on the issue of political transition and the nature of the government.

Opposition spokesman Salem Meslet says talks are focusing on "the constitutional ground for a political transition process based on the formation of a body with full executive powers". He said they had received invitations to join the team and were ready to do it.

US President Donald Trump's government has been accused of terrorism.

"This story is part of the general view of the pressure exerted on the Syrian government".

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The sixth round of United Nations -backed negotiations is the latest drive to bring a political solution to the conflict which has claimed more than 320,000 lives since 2011.

The current round of talks, which opened Tuesday, were expected to cover four separate topics: the constitution, governance, elections, and combating terrorism, but Jaafari said none of the subjects had been discussed.

Refining of details of the problems taken up at the pan-Syrian talks should become the backbone element of the mechanism of consultations behind closed doors proposed by De Mistura.

Asked if the three days of talks had made headway, he said: "Not too much".

De Mistura announced that the technical discussions to address constitutional and legal issues in the context of the intra-Syrian talks began on Thursday and that both sides had agreed to set up expert committees to discuss constitutional and legal issues.

He added that the objective of these meetings is to discuss the paper of basic principles, which includes in its articles appropriate points that serve as constitutional principles, referring to the basic principles paper which consists of 12 points where the elements related to the constitutional process will be dealt with.

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