Northern Lights may be visible Sunday night in Puget Sound area

Geomagnetic Storm Watch Issued, Northeast Could Be In For Northern Lights Show

Geomagnetic Storm Watch Issued, Northeast Could Be In For Northern Lights Show

We will be updating you over the weekend as the storm gets closer, or you can check out NOAA's website.

Auroras resulting from the charged particles, also known as a coronal mass ejection, from a recent solar flare will be possible Sunday night through early Monday morning, the service said.

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It's all due to a giant sunspot that is larger than earth. The darker your sky, the better.

The Northern Lights should be visible in states like Montana, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Illinois, Michigan, northern NY, much of New England, Washington and northeastern OR, according to USA Today and KATU. This CME is now headed for earth and has prompted a Geomagnetic Storm Watch to be issued by the Space Center part of NOAA. If the flares are really powerful, the southern extent of the aurora can make it into New England and this could be the case Sunday night.

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However, it's a forecast and the geomagnetic storm could be stronger or weaker when it impacts Earth.

These are the dancing lights seen in the skies above the northern and southern hemispheres. Whether the CME will spark up the aurora borealis is uncertain. Twitter is another good resource to check out the possibility of seeing the northern lights.

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A kP 7 usually is needed to push the viewing opportunities south as far as the Pennsylvania-New York state line. Auroras tend to come in pulses, and don't last long.

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