New Horizons Flyover of Charon

Happy Anniversary New Horizons! Probe Flew by Pluto 2 Years Ago Today

Happy Anniversary New Horizons! Probe Flew by Pluto 2 Years Ago Today

The latest video gives a summary of what the planet looks like. The latest video comes after the New Horizons mission brought back the images of the planet after its launch two years ago.

The video shows everything from ice plains to mountain ranges, and was created using "data and digital elevation models" that NASA collected during New Horizons's fly by. "The view moves north, passing over Dorothy Gale crater and the dark polar hood of Mordor Macula".

NASA continues in a statement below.

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Charon is a remarkable world in its own right, sporting an odd red cap and an enormous canyon called Serenity Chasma, which is more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) long and, in places, twice as deep as Arizona's famous Grand Canyon, New Horizons team members have said.

The topography on both videos are exaggerated by a factor of two to three to help emphasize the surface details.

The mapping and rendering were done by Paul Schenk and John Blackwell of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston.

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The scientists are still analysing and uncovering data that New Horizons recorded and sent home after the encounter.

NASA has released a startling flyover video during their annual celebrations of Pluto probe.

"Everywhere we turn are new mysteries". The flyover shows us a fascinating variety of landscapes from the pits of Pioneer Terra to the sharply bladed contours of Tartarus Dorsa. All the names of Pluto and Charon are informal and pull from science fiction and fantasy sources like "Star Trek" and "Lord of the Rings". Here's another NASA statement on the spacecraft's next target. The spacecraft took nine-and-a-half years to get there.

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Scientists have been sifting through data gathered from observing the object's quick pass in front of a star - an astronomical event known as an occultation - on June 3.

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