Senate delays vote on health care bill

Millions Of Disabled Kids Lose Coverage Under GOP Plan

Millions Of Disabled Kids Lose Coverage Under GOP Plan

The debate should begin Tuesday or Wednesday in the chamber of the Senate by a procedural vote that will be crucial. "The caps are going to put states under so much financial pressure that they are going to do away with the things they don't have to cover". "We'll do whatever it takes to get there".

Even before McCain's statement and the deferment, the Republican effort to pass its broad overhaul of the country's health care was already hanging by a thread.

At least two Republicans - Sens.

Mr McCain has said he is concerned about the impact of proposed Medicaid cuts on his home state, and last Thursday said that he could not say if he would support Mr McConnell's new Bill. But their different ideologies explain why they are so opposed to what GOP leaders are doing.

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Two Republican senators, Susan Collins of ME and Rand Paul of Kentucky, have come out with hard "no" s against the bill, and several others were reluctant to confirm support. McConnell wants a vote on it this week.

That prompted a rewriting of the legislation, which won over Sen. Same data, but one had 12 million more people insured than the other.

"We need to see what amount we'd have now with the increase in the long-term fund and then we can determine from there what we need", he said. Health insurers would also be forced to apply two totally different models to the same risk pool, which some say would be incredibly hard and costly to accomplish. Records of his medical exams released in 2008 when he was the GOP candidate for president showed that he has had removed precancerous skin lesions, as well as an early stage squamous cell carcinoma, an easily cured skin cancer.Cornyn appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press", Collins was on ABC's "This Week" and CNN's "State of the Union", and Paul was on "Fox News Sunday" and CBS' "Face the Nation". His state is one of 20 whose constituents have benefitted from expanded Medicaid, and he has openly anxious about the shady, closed-door circumstances in which the bill was drafted.

Janis Guerney, co-public policy director at Family Voices (advocates on behalf of special needs kids and their families), told Kaiser Health News: "It's just a fraction of kids who we consider having special health needs who would qualify for the carve-out". That will inevitably lead to higher uncompensated-care costs, higher hospital prices and force major job reductions across the sector. It's supposed to solve the problem with deductibles being unaffordable.

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The latest bill includes another $70 billion to help states keep health insurance affordable for older, sicker customers. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) of conversations with the leadership. President Trump said he wanted people covered, care for preexisting conditions, and lower premiums. Several others have signaled they're on the fence.

Passage of the Better Care Reconciliation Act has been hanging by a thread for weeks, and time is running out to pass the bill before the end of the fiscal year.

While the moderates are McConnell's immediate concern, he has not completely protected his right flank. Tax breaks for insurance companies?

Cruz conceded some ground to colleagues who anxious the Cruz-Lee amendment would segment the insurance market and cause the premiums of older, sicker people who buy plans that meet ObamaCare's regulatory requirements to skyrocket.

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This is believed to rein in the costs for people with pre-existing conditions. But the money will be going to shore up private insurance, not the Medicaid program.

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