The Procrastinating Coloradan's Guide To The 2017 Eclipse

Don’t eclipse your eyesight take precautions to view celestial event

Don’t eclipse your eyesight take precautions to view celestial event

The telescopes will be spread evenly along the 14 states that will experience a full solar eclipse.

Unlike places like Hopkinsville, which will experience a total eclipse, areas like Evansville will only see a partial eclipse.

Of all the eclipses he's seen, though, this one has him the most excited - not just because of its path across the USA, but because of its potential to inspire a whole new generation of science. "Anyone in the path of totality will see it for about 2 ½ minutes, but the strength is in the network".

Larry Ciupik director of Adler Planetarium's Doane Observatory, hopes even the most modest observations could help scientists fine-tune their knowledge of the solar system.

Fayetteville Public Library - The library is giving away the glasses while supplies last during an eclipse prep event on Sunday (Aug. 13) from 1:30-4 p.m.

"It is an unspeakable sight", Zeiler said, describing the moon as appearing "sort of as a black hole".

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"You might say well it's 99%".

The Earth, moon and sun must align perfectly for a total solar eclipse to happen.

This has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse because it will only be visible from the United States. He and his wife are lifelong eclipse chasers and have traveled to parts of Africa, Australia and the Caribbean as a part of their pursuits.

"And then the third pass is actually just off the East Coast", Bresnik said. But Carbondale will see its second total solar eclipse in April 2024. "NASA predicts that 1 million people will visit our region for this event", states the memo. It will be an interesting astronomical event but not as dramatic as totality.

Those interested in observing the eclipse will need to take into consideration timing, location and safety. That's the only time it's safe to view the eclipse without protection.

Our parents were right when they said to never look at the Sun - doing so for even a short time can result in permanent eye damage.

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Thanks to an interactive app created by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, you can see what the eclipse will look like anywhere in the simply typing in a city or zip code.

Another method is to make a simple pinhole projector. "The little spaces between your fingers will project a grid of small images on the ground, showing the sun as a crescent during the partial phases of the eclipse".

Law enforcement officials are discouraging residents from driving and stopping on the side of a highway to view the eclipse.

McHenry County College hosted a speaker from the Adler Planetarium on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming eclipse. For more information, check out SciFri's Great American Eclipse spotlight.

Up in the Vail area, Walking Mountains Science Center is hosting a free viewing event at Westin Riverfront & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain from 10 12 p.m. Keyword here being free: free glasses, free entrance, free fun. The last one visible from anywhere in the United States was on July 11, 1991, when Hawaiian observers saw this phenomenon of the Moon passing directly in front of the Sun.

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