Bill adding abortion reporting requirements on path to governor's desk

Texas passes tough rules on reporting abortion complications

Texas passes tough rules on reporting abortion complications

Now it is essentially one vote in the full Senate from heading to Gov. Greg Abbott for his signature, and that's likely to happen Saturday evening.

"It does not provide one ounce of property tax relief". Lawmakers will also have to sort through major differences between this measure and the Senate version of the bill, which sets the rollback rate at 4 percent. "It's not meant to, and anyone who suggests that it is giving you bad information", Bonnen said as he outlined the bill for the House.

The state Senate has already approved requiring property tax increases of at least 4 percent to trigger such elections so the issue will now go to conference committee.

Military confrontation with North Korea is not imminent
Since July North Korea has been threatening United state mainlands by testing the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). In response, North Korea announced a detailed plan to fire ballistic missiles towards Guam, a US territory in the Pacific.

Under current law, people can petition for a rollback election if cities, counties and special districts move to raise property tax revenues more than 8 percent.

The final advancement of those four bills Friday checked off the boxes for three out of 20 items on Abbott's special session agenda.

The clock is also running out for the House and Senate to agree on how to reform the state's beleaguered school finance system.

Syrian military seize last Homs site from Daish
Two minibuses, some white helmets and walkie-talkies were stolen, so it was not clear whether the motive for the attack was political or criminal.

And the House gave an initial nod to the Senate's local annexation bill, but not without adding a contentious provision that allows citizens who live within 5 miles of military bases to vote on proposed annexation - as long as the city still has the ability to regulate the area around those bases. Instead, people who want that coverage would have to purchase supplemental plans that may cost people extra and may be harder to find according to abortion rights advocacy groups.

"Half of the nation have adopted some measures and policies similar to this".

Democratic opponents called the rules unnecessary, noting that pulling wisdom teeth and many other, less politically charged procedures result in far more complications that abortion. The House Appropriations Committee gutted SB 19, which would give one-time $600 bonuses to teachers who have six to 10 years of experience and $1,000 bonus to teachers with at least 11 years of experience in September 2018.

US, Australia, Japan to Philippines, China: Follow Arbitration Ruling
South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha has hailed the achievements made during her first ASEAN Regional Forum. But his top diplomat is also laying out a narrow path for the North to return to negotiations.

"This is an effort for us to keep moving the ball forward", said Appropriations Committee Chairman Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond.

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