Will the solar eclipse be blocked by clouds?

Map shows what the eclipse will look like from your location

Map shows what the eclipse will look like from your location

If a cloud moves over the sun, you miss the corona, Anderson said.

With less than a week to go before the event, next Monday is beginning to show up in 7-day weather forecasts across the country.

The cloud cover will be affected by a frontal boundary that will get pushed south through the area over the weekend, but that is expected to lift back toward the north, bringing the cloud cover with it. There may also be some light precipitation along coastal SC, like in Charleston, where the eclipse ends. "You need an unobstructed view".

Western Holding Eclipse Viewing Celebration
The University invites the public to view the "Great American Solar Eclipse ", which it has been called by popular media outlets. Lunar eclipses usually last a few hours, and we have the opportunity to see at least two partial lunar eclipses every year.

The forecast as of Friday shows OR and Idaho as the most promising spots to have clear sky views. This would making viewing the eclipse easy and take the weather factor out of the equation.

High pressure doesn't always mean there will be no clouds, though.

Residents on our area should expect animals and plants to behave as they would if the sun were setting for the evening.

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There's about a 20% chance Columbia may see a thunderstorm before the eclipse, which would affect cloud cover, according to Gandy.

Musher said there will be very low percentages of cloud cover - which is ideal for eclipse viewing - across parts of the Pacific Northwest and over some metropolitan areas like Portland, Ore. and Nashville, Tenn.

According to the GFS cloud forecast, all three layers should exhibit an absence of cloudiness. Officials and eclipse watchers have fretted, though, about roads being too clogged as the eclipse approaches. Pinpointing exactly where an isolated storm may form during the eclipse a few days ahead of time is next to impossible. Stay tuned. However, multiple signs are pointing to a great period of weather for viewing this event in the Northeast.

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The total solar eclipse on August 21 will cross the country from coast to coast and be visible only in America for the first time in the nation's history. The next total eclipse for the United States is April 8, 2024.

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