The SNES Classic launch wasn't a disaster — Surprise

As Nintendo Preps SNES Relaunch, A Look Back At The System's Top 10 Bestsellers

As Nintendo Preps SNES Relaunch, A Look Back At The System's Top 10 Bestsellers

By most accounts, Nintendo shipped 10 to 20 times as many Super NES Classic Edition consoles to stores for today's launch than it did for the NES Classic Edition launch past year, but even with far greater supply, the system was still completely sold out just a few hours into the morning. While not the company's biggest-selling console of all time, it was the victor of that generation of gaming consoles, outselling the Sega Genesis by nearly 20 million units thanks to stronger graphics and a lineup of games that included several featuring Mario and Donkey Kong.

With the release of the Super NES Classic on Friday, the videogame giant hopes to replicate the success. minus the supply issues. Last year's reboot of the NES Classic Edition console was a surprise hit for Nintendo. In addition to the 20 classic manuals, Star Fox 2 has received its own special version of a manual that will run down everything players need to know before heading out to Corneria in the finally released sequel.

So what was it like to delve into the past? The games hold up, and that couldn't be more true with the Super NES Classic Edition.

Speaking of older consoles, Nintendo announces that it will slowly close down the Wii Shop with the final curtain falling January 30, 2019.

As Nintendo Preps SNES Relaunch, A Look Back At The System's Top 10 Bestsellers

As with the NES Classic launch, Nintendo hasn't been clear when more will be made available.

The console is easy to set up: Just plug it into a TV via the included HDMI cable. You tell me to play it, and I'll play it!

Sounds like every retro-gamer's dream.

Amazon also turned towards physical shopping experience and sold the SNES Classic through their Treasure Truck service. Sony could even be ahead of the curve since the PlayStation controller has remained largely the same in style since the advent of the Dual Analog Controller, so they could advertise that any wireless analog PlayStation controller will work with the system.

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According to a press release from the company, the console is expected to sell out quickly after the store opens at 10 a.m.

If you like this stream, you should check back every Tuesday and Thursday for the USG Lunch Hour! Unlike Target, it appears that all stores will get some stock, which means that they're likely to be less spread around the place. And the simple, side-scrolling gameplay of the past is no match for the interactive worlds created by augmented and virtual reality games. That's a theory I tested with Caroline.

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But for a child used to touch controls on mobile devices, other games were harder. She said she's already preparing for Christmas.

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Its target audience is people who loved to game in the 90's.

JUST LIKE THE NES Classic before it, Nintendo's new SNES Classic console can be hacked.

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