European Union lawmakers see insufficient Brexit progress

EU- negotiations

EU- negotiations

"However, if the outcome of the negotiation falls short of the deal that Britain needs we will be ready for the alternative", Davis said.

The resolution was adopted by an overwhelming majority: 557 votes in favour, 92 against and 29 abstentions, supported by the main political parties, the right of the majority (EPP) to Green, passing by the liberals and the socialists.

The minister gave his support to the EU's Chief Brexit Negotiator, the Frenchman Michel Barnier, supporting "entirely [Barnier's] approach.which consists in saying that until we have settled this problem.we can not move onto the other issues".

The Commission has responded by saying it would work with Slovakia and other eastern member states in tackling what they see as the malpractice of second-class food products being sold by big Western multinationals on their home markets.

Britain has been keen to move on to trade talks, but the European Union insists there is progress on the amount Britain must pay to leave, on the rights of European Union citizens living in Britain, and on Northern Ireland.

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"I know some find the negotiations frustrating", she said, adding: "But if we approach them in the right spirit".

The motion says the UK's approach to the discussing financial issues has "seriously impeded" the talks so far and the European Council should delay its decision on whether there has been "sufficient progress".

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's co-ordinator on Brexit, said divisions between senior British ministers were slowing down negotiations.

In an attempt to counter Britain's left-wing Labour Party, May's speech to her Conservative Party on Wednesday balanced emphasizing the importance of free markets with a pledge to cap what she called "rip-off" energy prices.

Davis said that the United Kingdom would continue to be "good Europeans" after Brexit, despite no longer being a part of the political mechanism associated with the content.

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Barnier added that there was still "serious divergence" over the financial settlement, making it clear that taxpayers of the remaining 27 European Union countries should not have to pay more to facilitate Brexit.

"By reading Johnson's attacks against his own Prime Minister, he shows the British government is trapped by their own party quarrels and political contradictions", he said.

Mr Weber added that the "top question" at the moment is: "Who shall I call in London that speaks for the British government?" Prime Minster Theresa May triggered article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in March to set off the two-year negotiation process to complete talks with about the terms of the exit.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, also addressed the EP on 3 October.

"Let me be clear that we value the contribution you make to the life of our country".

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He said: "The sensible ground is to say we are leaving, we're best to go for a managed exit rather than a chaotic exit and for Britain to continue to argue our case".

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