How US President Trump's two eldest children avoided criminal indictment

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. were almost indicted over fraud accusations: report

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. were almost indicted over fraud accusations: report

"I did not at the time believe beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime had been committed", Vance told the news outlets. By the time Vance made the call, victims had settled their civil suit - with an extraordinary letter indicating they had no interest in cooperating with a criminal case.

Kasowitz donated $25,000 to Vance's reelection campaign in January 2012, and Vance returned that money so as not to accept funds from a donor with a case before his office, according to the report.

And six months after Vance's ruling, Kasowitz made an even larger donation to Vance's campaign, helping to raise more than $50,000, with $32,000 from himself and the rest from others.

A top prosecutor says he has returned a $32,000 campaign contribution from a lawyer who represented the Trump Organization in a fraud investigation that was ultimately dropped.

Vance said that despite the damning emails, he didn't think a crime had been committed.

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The evidence accumulated by Vance's team included emails in which the Trump siblings discussed how to coordinate misleading information they would provide to people interested in their condo units, according to the report.

If your last name is Trump, every one in NY understands one thing - you don't go to jail - if you are willing to pony up.

According to the story, which was produced by WNYC, Pro Publica and New Yorkere, the potential charges stemmed from allegations that Ivanka Trump and her brother had misled buyers about how well units at a Trump Organization development in Manhattan, the Trump SoHo, were selling. In another, according to a person who read the e-mails, they anxious that a reporter might be on to them.

In response, the Trump Organization hired several top NY criminal-defense lawyers to represent Donald, Jr., and Ivanka.

Trump's eldest children were accused of inflating the number of condos in the building that had been purchased. "They knew it was wrong".

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In August 2010, some disgruntled buyers sued the Trump Organization in federal court, accusing the Trumps of "a consistent and concerted pattern of outright lies".

Under the settlement, in November 2011, Trump and his co-defendants agreed to refund 90 percent of $3.16 million in deposits to the buyers, while admitting no wrongdoing. But they extracted a rare concession in return: "The plaintiffs agreed not to cooperate with prosecutors unless they were subpoenaed".

These attorneys met with prosecutors and conceded that their clients had made exaggerated claims, but argued that the overstatements didn't amount to criminal misconduct. Now he wrote a letter to the district attorney on behalf of the Trumps, stating: "We acknowledge that the Defendants have not violated the criminal laws of the State of NY or the United States".

It's been hit after hit of reports on unethical behavior by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in the past week, and some House Democrats are now calling to revoke her security clearance. Donald, Jr., is running much of the family empire.

According to ProPublica, the Trump SoHo went into foreclosure in 2014, and only 33 percent of units have been sold, while a creditor has taken over ownership.

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