Wisconsin Partisan Gerrymandering Case Holds Major Implications for North Carolina

Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Alabama Gerrymandering Case

Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Alabama Gerrymandering Case

Paul Smith, who represented the Democratic challengers to Wisconsin's gerrymandered legislative map this week, in Gill v. Whitford, gave a state-of-the-art demonstration of Kennedy-centric advocacy. "And it may be that you can protect the Court from seeming political, but the country is going to lose faith in democracy big time because voters are going to be like ― everywhere are going to be like the voters in Wisconsin and, no, it really doesn't matter whether I vote".

This is done in two ways called Packing and Cracking: While Packing method shifts one group to another district so that they can win over the leftover districts, cracking breaks a single group and scatters them to various districts, reducing their voting power. Smith was betting that Kennedy would be more likely to strike down the Wisconsin gerrymander on free-speech grounds, rather than on an equal-protection basis.

Legislative districts in the 50 USA states, redrawn every decade after the national census to reflect population changes, represent the individual components of representative democracy.

Legislation in the state House and Senate would throw out the current system that leaves much of the work to lawmakers in favor of a commission created to reduce the influence of party leaders. Murphy conceded it would be.

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But for the gerrymandering, the efficiency gap study suggests, the partisan split here would be 10 Republicans and eight Democrats. If the Court rules against class action waivers, employers will need to review and revise any agreements containing them. A hyper-partisan court will decide a case on excessive partisan redistricting.

"Gerrymandering is distasteful", conservative Justice Samuel Alito said. The case pits labor laws meant to allow workers to band together, passed as part of the New Deal in the 1930s, against an older law encouraging the use of arbitration, instead of the courts, which was passed in the 1920s.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. worries that the Supreme Court's legitimacy would be hurt if it gets involved in striking down gerrymandered districts in favor of one party or another. "A pinch of this, a pinch of that?" he asked. When the Constitution authorizes the federal government to step in on state legislative matters, it's pretty clear-if you look at the Fifteenth Amendment, you look at the Nineteenth Amendment, the Twenty-sixth Amendment, and even the Fourteenth Amendment, Section 2, says Congress has the power, when state legislators don't provide the right to vote equally, to dilute congressional representation. Packing sweeps members of a particular group into one district, so as to allow the other party to win the leftover districts.

The importance of this case can't be emphasized enough since it could stop partisan gerrymandering, limit restrictions only to the most severe cases, or maintain the status quo.

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Torchinsky noted the Supreme Court's ruling, if it found that there is no identifiable legal standard that can be used to define extreme partisan gerrymandering, could make the Pennsylvania case moot.

Ballard said those procedures must be neutral, and in Pennsylvania, Republican lawmakers drew on partisan data about voters to craft boundaries that favor the GOP. What becomes of the precious right to vote? As long ago as 1986, a Supreme Court plurality observed that "a$3 s long as redistricting is done by a legislature, it should not be very hard to prove that the likely political consequences of the reapportionment were intended". The party's majority has since expanded.

The justices acted without holding a public hearing or accepting serious input from Wisconsinites.

At oral argument, the supremely intelligent chief justice said that proving and remedying gerrymandering might require the judiciary to parse "sociological gobbledygook".

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