Twitter is getting a new 'Save for Later' Feature to bookmark tweets

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Twitter is planning to make a new addition to its platform. This feature will let users create a separate list of tweets that they can refer back to.

As it is in its early stages, Twitter is monitoring feedback on designs and experiments via the #SaveForLater hashtag. On clicking the option, the tweet gets bookmarked and saved to the bookmark channel. Up until now, most people "liked" any tweets they wanted to preserve for later, but a common complaint was that it was hard to tell the difference between someone liking something because they approved of it, or simply because they wanted to keep it for later.

Shah also revealed that users now make do by Liking or sending tweets to themselves via DM. But it is changing soon and there'll be a save button for your Tweets. The social networking site is set to launch a bookmarking feature.

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Shah said that the company is looking for feedback from its users to further refine the feature.

I can see Save For Later becoming as popular as the Like option on tweets.

Twitter isn't saying when the feature will be generally available, so it could take months before you can actually start using the feature anytime soon. The tool will also increase productivity by giving leaders a quicker way to save tweets than the current workarounds. One product manager of the company has shared a couple of tweets regarding this new update and shared an early prototype regarding the same.

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This new feature, born out of Hack Wek, should provide an alternative that maintains a user's privacy.

Shah said that, users uses many ways to privately save tweets to reference later, like bookmarking them with the heart, DM-ing them to themselves, or even they re-tweet them.

Here's a video below demonstrating how this new bookmarking feature might work.

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