Nigel Farage blasts UK Government for downgrading Donald Trump state visit

Trump's Brtain vist Donald Trump's Britain visit US President Donald Trump Prime Minister Theresa May World news Latest news International news

Trump's Brtain vist Donald Trump's Britain visit US President Donald Trump Prime Minister Theresa May World news Latest news International news

Donald Trump is set to visit the United Kingdom in early 2018 - but for a "stripped-down" trip that won't involve taking tea with the Queen.

Trump has already visited a number of other nations as president, including Paris where he endured an awkward handshake with Emmanuel Macron and the Vatican, where he met Pope Francis.

Under plans being discussed by diplomats, the president would make a stripped-down trip that would not involve staying with the Queen, the London Evening Standard reported.

"We can question the wisdom of Brexit Britain appearing overly desperate for friends, not least as the offer of an early state visit has been withdrawn", the Standard said in a commentary.

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Theresa May tried to underline her close relations with the US President in January, when she invited him to stage a State Visit as guest of the Queen.

Hundreds of thousands of people had signed a petition against the plan.

A full-blown State Visit would then be planned, possibly for later in the year.

Downing Street declined to comment but has said that its position has not changed since the offer was extended and accepted.

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Over the summer The Guardian reported that Trump told May in a phone call he wanted to put the trip on hold until the British public supported it.

"Not accurate. We've not yet scheduled anything for next year", Michael Anton, a spokesman for the National Security Council, told The Hill.

'Exact dates for President Trump to visit have not yet been arranged'.

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