Remote-Controlled Nissan GT-R Hits 130 miles per hour

Nissan GT-R reciever

Nissan GT-R reciever

Nissan has brought reality and virtual together with the ultimate remote-control auto for gamers - the Nissan GT-R /C. Driving a full-size, remote-control GT-R to 131 miles per hour at Silverstone whilst chasing it down in a helicopter was an unforgettable experience. Not only is he a huge fan of Gran Turismo, but he is also a graduate of GT Academy.

But he wasn't just sat on a sofa in his trousers - instead Jann took to the skies in a helicopter to chase the vehicle. This way, he was able to see the entirety of the Silverstone's National Circuit as he "drove" the vehicle. His overall fastest time was 1:17:47. He managed to get an average speed of 76mph with a top speed of 131mph.

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The remote-control vehicle - dubbed the GT-R/C - is capable of 315kmh without anybody actually behind the wheel.

Nissan then put famously successful NISMO racing driver Jann Mardenborough in a helicopter, flying at low altitude - the company needed special permission for that - and unleashed him and the GT-R/C on the track at Silverstone. Jann Mardenborough followed just such a path, and in a different coming together of video games and real life, has remotely driven an actual Nissan GT-R at speeds of up to 211 km/h (131 mph) using a PlayStation DualShock 4 controller. JLB Design has done an incredible job at making everything respond really well.

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Instead of connecting to a PlayStation though it connected to a micro-computer interpreted the joystick and button movements and transmitted them directly to the GT-R, with a primary control range of 1km. The unmodified PlayStation DualShock 4 controller was then connected to a micro-computer that interprets the controller inputs and transmits them to the vehicle. Six computers in the trunk translated inputs from the PS4 controller and actuated the GT-R/C's steering, brakes, throttle, and transmission.

To help Mardenborough judge the vehicle's speed through the corners, a Racelogic VBOX Motorsport sensor was installed to relay speed data to a LCD display in the helicopter cockpit.

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In the event something went horribly wrong (which it didn't), there are two redundant safety systems on board.

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