Amazon Alexa Now Gets The Ability To Recognize Different Voices

Amazon drops Echo Show price after You Tube falloutMore

Amazon drops Echo Show price after You Tube falloutMore

The new feature is now rolling out for the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices, but eventually, all users of Alexa-enabled devices (including those made by third-parties) should be able to take advantage of this new ability.

Voice profiles can be set up on the Echo, Echo Dot and newly-released Echo Show. But if you live with someone else, or own an Echo which is often used by visitors, teaching Alexa to understand their voice is where Voice Profiles starts to shine.

The feature should be rolling out in the coming days.

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Amazon Echo and other Alexa devices previously supported multiple accounts, but required users to say "Alexa, switch accounts" to move between them.

The smart-speaker war between Google and Amazon is mounting.

Amazon has updated its voice assistant Alexa with a cool new feature that many people who have an Echo device with multiple users have been wanting.

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This means if you ask Alexa to call your friend Ben, the Echo will call the right person.

The company stated that now this feature is available to carry out calls and sending messages along with flash briefing, Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, and last but not the least, shopping. It would know, for instance, whose message you want it to read. Then access Account Heading and finally, Your Voice. Each user will have their own Alexa Voice Profile that works similarly to user accounts on a computer or mobile device.

The training process does have you speak some specific phrases to train Alexa on your voice. Now you can get the device for just $200 at Amazon. It has a huge selection across price ranges, including a low-priced Echo Dot speaker that costs about $35 when on sale, a full-size Echo for $179 and even the Echo Show, which has a screen built-in for video chat.

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