Windows 10's Fall Creators Update is now available

The new Surface Book is out. Check out its specifications and features

The new Surface Book is out. Check out its specifications and features

Along with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft rolled out its very own video game anti-cheating platforms: TruePlay and Game Monitor. The update adds tools for developers to log instances of cheating in their games.

The code at heart here is known as "TruePlay", which was formally called Game Monitor. It's quite similar to the Valve Anti-Cheating system in that it's limited to games built for the Universal Windows Platform including the recent additions to the Forza franchise, for instance. According to Microsoft, those PC games that will use this feature will run in a "protected process" created to guard games against a common way for cheaters to access game's code.

Ron Howard unveils title of Han Solo spinoff
The film was written by Lawrence Kasdan , who worked on the first trilogy with Lucas, along with his son Jon Kasdan . But the finalizing of production indicates that Solo: A Star Wars Story will still make its original release date.

The system collects data throughout, and generates alerts when it suspects some nefarious behaviour. To ensure and protect customer privacy while preventing false positives, these data are only shared with developers after processing has determined cheating is likely to have occurred.

Interestingly, developers can exclude certain parts of the game from being included, such as the single-player portion.

FCC chairman responds to Trump's tweet about NBC's broadcast license
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai appears to oppose President Trump's view about what could lead to a broadcaster's license getting revoked. A long-time supporter of freedom of the press, Pai is facing huge pressure for making his stand public.

An interesting change that went unnoticed is the "TruePlay", an anti-cheat feature.

In any case, this list can be considered as a reminder for Windows phone users that they should switch to Android or iOS.

Dow trades above 23000-mark as IBM's stock jumps (IBM, ABT, CVS)
Bank shares had run up ahead of results, which resulted in some selling following the earnings news, the Krosby said. That, along with a 3.6 percent rise in Johnson & Johnson, led a 1.5 percent gain in the S&P healthcare sector.

It was nearly a year ago when we first heard about the concept of "Cellular PCs" running Windows 10 on ARM processors. Microsoft was supposed to share more information about the feature with the Insiders however the company didn't. Pete Bernard, a program manager at Microsoft, said that the ARM-powered machines are game-changers, so much so that initial product testers thought that the Windows 10 battery gauge was broken as it takes so long for the battery to deplete.

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