PS4 fantasy game Oure is announced and available today — Surprise

Facebook  NightInTheWoodsGamePromotional image for

Facebook NightInTheWoodsGamePromotional image for"Night in the Woods game

Spelunky is the real deal. It isn't implausible, given that the original had players exploring not just caves, tombs, and temples, but a UFO at one point. And thanks to Mossmouth, there's more where that came from. Guacamelee 2 was the first game revealed as part of Sony's pre-show before its Paris Games Week showcase today, and it's on the way to PS4.

It follows on from 2012's Spelunky, the rogue-like developed by Derek Yu which helped launched indie games into the stratosphere along with titles like Braid and Limbo.

Podesta Quits as Mueller Indicts Manafort
Podesta is handing over full operational and control to the firm's CEO Kimberley Fritts, according to the report. The document redacted the firms' names but they are reportedly the Podesta Group and Mercury LLC.

You can get a taste of the action in Ultrawings VR in the official Paris Games Week trailer embedded below.

Joel and Ellie did not make an appearance in the new Last of Us 2 trailer, with it instead being a slow-burner focusing on other characters. Batten the hatches: Spelunky 2 is inbound.

Google CEO addresses hamburger emoji debate
On the other hand, Google's cheese slice would dissolve into a sticky puddle on the bun, making it soggy and hard to eat. GOOGLE'S CEO IS TACKLING what may turn out to be one of the biggest business problems he will ever face in his life.

"Both involve a lot of reflecting on the past as well as thinking about the future".

This time around, the series fast-forwards many years.

Katie Taylor Captures WBA Gold, Decisions Sanchez
Although Sanchez was given a second opportunity, she failed to make weight again and was stripped of the belt. I got a bit wild at time and left myself wide open but thank God I came through.

Release date and details of new and returning features are expected in the months to come. You can probably nip home and check the Store after work.

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