Favorite saying trump was the word of the year

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

Today, "fake news" became real news when it was named by Collins as the 2017 Word of the Year.

"Echo chamber", defined as "an environment, especially on a social media site, in which any statement of opinion is likely to be greeted with approval because it will only be read or heard by people who hold similar views", has seen a "steady increase" in usage over the last five years, while "antifa" saw its usage rise by nearly 7,000 per cent following violent clashes between anti-fascist protesters and the far right, particularly in the US.

President Trump favorite phrase, "Fake News", has been chosen as a U.K. Dictionary's word of the year.

Six Tottenham Hotspur players called up to England squad
Southgate stuck to his word regarding younger players as he made three shock inclusions in his 25-man squad. Young has played under five different managers at United but always retained his spot in the team.

The etymology is disputed by the dictionary.

Collins said use of the term, which is often used by President Trump, is up 365 percent since previous year, citing the dictionary company's own "monitoring (of) word output across all forms of media". Around 2005, the term began to be applied to false news stories that were circulated with malicious intent rather than as satire.And during the 2016 United States presidential campaign, a large number of websites broadcasting false stories about the candidates under the guise of news was spotted. Its usage has climbed since 2015, Collins claims, and really took off this year.

Runners-up for Collins' Word of the Year include "cuffing season", looking a winter girlfriend or boyfriend for cold winter nights, before dumping them in the spring; "gig economy", the nature of the current prevalence of freelance jobs over permanent ones; and "unicorn", as in the Unicorn Frappuccino and all the other pastel rainbow and sparkly infused edible and non-edible items that ruled 2017.

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The agency is asking for the public's help with information on Mukhammadzoir Kadirov , a 32-year-old from Uzbekistan. He was being looked at as a person of interest, not a suspect; as of Wednesday evening he was no longer sought.

One uniquely British word on the list is "Corbynmania", a "fervent enthusiasm for Jeremy Corbyn", illustrated by thousands chanting his name at this summer's Glastonbury festival.

Collins Dictionary has kicked off the 2017 look-backs by coining its word of the year before the Oxford English Dictionary and it's very Trumpian.

"Much of this year's list" was "definitely politically charged", said Collins' head of language content, Helen Newstead, via a statement.

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