Meek Mill Begins Prison Sentence

Meek Mill's Lawyer Claims Judge Asked Rapper To Leave Roc Nation & Sign With Her Friend

Meek Mill's Lawyer Claims Judge Asked Rapper To Leave Roc Nation & Sign With Her Friend

The rapper was sentenced to prison Monday for violating probation in a prior drug and weapons case.

The report said the sentence triggered audible gasps, with prosecutors not having recommended any prison time.

"Moreover, the charges that led to his current violation, were subsequently dropped and the stiff sentence was handed down despite recommendations from his probation officer and the district attorney", a passage on the site reads.

Tacopina alleged that Brinkley once asked the rapper, 30, to re-record the Boyz II Men song "On Bended Knee", and conclude the track with a tribute to her.

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The Philadelphia rapper has violated the terms on his probation in the past and has served time in prison, as well as house arrest.

And Meek Mill continues to receive support from rap superstar JAY-Z, who previously spoke out about the "unjust and heavy handed" sentence.

Judge Genece E. Brinkley Brinkley cited Mill's two arrests this year (both cases were dismissed on the grounds that he complete community service) and also said Meek and his managers scheduling concerts that required travel despite the judge barring performances outside of Philadelphia or Montgomery County. "You basically thumbed your nose at me". Tacopina also made that request that Meek Mill leave Roc Nation.

Mill was quoted as pleading for mercy with the judge, saying, "I'm human".

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A lot of fellow artists, including Jay-Z have come out in the open in support of the Philly rapper. You gave me the ladder to do what I have to do to prevail in my struggle.

Tacopina claims she said, "I'm not kidding", and when Meek refused to do it, she replied ... "Fuckin" 11 years. Probation.

Mill owned up to the violations in his only statement during the hearing and said that jailing him would likely end his musical career.

On Wednesday, he added a new alias - Pa. Inmate ND8400 - and exchanged his black suit for a yellow prison uniform as he checked in at the state prison at Camp Hill near Harrisburg.

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