Christmas tree shortage may lead to higher prices this year

Utah Christmas tree lots will have less stock and higher prices this year due to a regional shortage

Utah Christmas tree lots will have less stock and higher prices this year due to a regional shortage

At least four Christmas tree farms are open for the season or will open soon in Vigo and surrounding counties.

Watson Tree Farm in Missaukee County says other factors are contributing to the driver shortage.

According to the National Christmas Tree Foundation, there are fewer trees to go around this year. Why are people shelling out more for trees this year.

Alas, this isn't the premise for a feel-good Christmas story that ends with Santa Claus flying in to save the day.

Industry experts say because of the shortage and other factors, the Christmas tree shortage is likely to continue for the next seven to 10 years.

Utah Christmas tree lots will have less stock and higher prices this year due to a regional shortage

Fewer trees were planted and because it takes ten years to grow a tree, the supply is limited.

Thomas, who has been growing trees since 1961, adds that the shortages are expected to increase each year because many farmers are continuing to cut back on planting trees-or have stopped all together to retire. "I've never not had trees going into my season", Elliot said. "We're just a little lot".

Large-volume retailers are better able to compete for limited stock.

"A month ago I found out I had no trees when I called my farmers". Here up to 12 feet it costs you one price and get it early before the supply gets real tight.

Arnie's brings in about 3,500 trees, ranging in size from four feet to 14 feet, and you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $125 - depending on the size.

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Doyle also said many tree distributors come from North Carolina and with the fires they had past year, many crops were damaged. "That's something we have to be sensitive to", Mark Arkills of Holiday Tree Farms in OR said, per Newsweek. He's also selling at the local Hitchcock's stores. Conversely, fresh Christmas trees and boughs can be composted and many communities offer a drop off area in January to help facilitate that process. "If there is a shortage, maybe I will sell more", he said.

"The drought has impacted us because we've had a higher mortality rate", said Weubbe. "They said we don't have no trees for you", said Elliot.

Melania Trump has continued the time-honored, first lady tradition of receiving the official White House Christmas tree.

He has run Chad's Christmas Trees on Jefferson Boulevard in West Sacramento for the last 15 years.

"They are extremely welcoming people", Milnes said.

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"We will be selling strawberries in the spring and summer", Mullins said.

For those up for an adventure, the Evanston Ranger District in Wyoming still has tree-cutting permits available.

In addition to environmental benefits, studies have also shown that greenery and plants can cheer us up and eliminate worries and anxiety at home.

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