Moderate coffee drinking could be good for you, says new research

Coffee health benefits: Drinking THIS much could protect you from killer illnesses

Coffee health benefits: Drinking THIS much could protect you from killer illnesses

Researchers at the University of Southampton have concluded that as many four cups of coffee a day do a person more good than harm.

Drinking more than three cups a day was not associated with any risk of harm - however the benefits were found to be less pronounced.

In a linked editorial, Eliseo Guallar at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said while we can be assured coffee is generally safe, doctors should not recommend drinking it to prevent disease and people should not start for perceived health benefits.

Coffee drinking was also associated with lower risk of certain cancers - including prostate, endometrial, skin and liver cancer - as well as diabetes, liver disease and dementia. The study found that compared to non-coffee drinkers, those who consumed three cups of coffee each day appeared to reduce their risk of being diagnosed with heart problems.

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Drinking coffee was consistently linked with a lower risk of death from all causes and from heart disease.

Dr Poole and researchers from the University of Edinburgh reviewed 201 studies that had aggregated data from observational research and 17 studies that collected statistics from clinical trials.

They conducted an "umbrella review", bringing together evidence from more than 200 studies on the effects of coffee consumption on health.

"Umbrella reviews" synthesize previous pooled analyses to give a clearer summary of diverse research on a particular topic.

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"Factors such as age, whether people smoked or not and how much exercise they took could all have had an effect", Professor Paul Roderick, co-author of the study, told BBC.

Findings from the world's largest study into coffee and its impact on health, published earlier this year, showed it was a "wonderful medicine" and those who consumed it regularly could cheat an early death.

But it's not all doom and gloom for coffee lovers.

In July, there were two studies that suggested drinking coffee leads to a longer life. Do you personally think drinking three to four cups of coffee per day can be healthy?

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