Indian authorities jail donkeys for eating expensive plants

VIDEO: Eight donkeys 'jailed' in India for eating plants worth Rs 50000

VIDEO: Eight donkeys 'jailed' in India for eating plants worth Rs 50000

The donkeys had been detained at the Urai district jail complex for four days for eating expensive plants in the facility, the kind they would never have had a chance to be fed.

The police said that the donkeys were detained for destroying plants outside jail.

When Kamlesh found out his donkeys were being held in prison, he pleaded for their release - but was denied.

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"These donkeys had destroyed some very expensive plants which our senior officer had arranged for planting inside jail and despite warnings, the owner let loose his animals here".

The donkeys had to spend four days behind the bars for their offence.

In fact, a policeman speaking to ANI on Monday admitted that the donkeys were detained for feasting on expensive plants and destroying flower pots placed outside the prison gates. The plants apparently cost several lakhs.

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Sharma also said the animals were well known as mischief-makers in the area, the Times of India reports. "Hence, I rounded them up", jail chief, Sita Ram Sharma, told the media.

The owner was there to receive his herd and the donkeys walked out of the jail. Kamlesh said that in spite of repeated requests from him, the policemen at the jail refused to release the animals.

Their bail had been paid by a local politician from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), according to NDTV.

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In the last two days, the UP police department has given us enough fodder to laugh-cry and laugh at the same time-with its flip-flop on the entire donkeys' episode.

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