White House Plans To Fire Tillerson, Replace Him With CIA's Pompeo

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Cotton's first-term as a U.S. Senator runs through 2020.

Trump's response to journalists at the White House, as he hosted the Crown Prince of Bahrain, was hardly a ringing endorsement of the top United States diplomat. On stops in Brussels, Vienna and Paris, he'll face foreign leaders who will do their best to express comity but also wonder how much longer he'll remain in the job.

The report noted that it's unclear whether President Trump has signed off on the plan yet. "The president was here today with the secretary of state".

The White House did little to quash the rumor as the day wore on.

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Media organizations have speculated for months that Trump would fire Tillerson. Still, the State Department insists Tillerson is continuing with business as usual. Multiple officials say White House is considering a plan to replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

The White House started telling people in September that Tillerson would be replaced, said a senior administration official. Foreign leaders had anticipated Tillerson was likely to attend a scheduled gathering of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation foreign ministers next week in Brussels, though the State Department hadn't confirmed that. "And I can tell you who is going to win". "The issue, though, is they want to deal with whoever delivers the policy". Yet several administration officials said that Pompeo has said in the past that he's open to taking the job. Department officials have pushed back on that complaint, saying they've sent lists of potential nominees to the White House only to see them rejected or ignored. The comments came after President Trump gave a controversial speech to the Boy Scouts of America in July. The secretary of state reportedly called Trump a "moron," a charge Tillerson never denied. While, Trump, in turn, challenged the Secretary of State for an IQ test in an attempt to prove that he was not indeed one.

Putting Pompeo at the State Department would create a vacancy at the Central Intelligence Agency, which USA officials and other individuals familiar with White House thinking said could be filled by Republican Sen.

The timing of a potential shakeup for Trump's national security team is in flux.

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Under his plan, the staff reshuffle would happen around the end of the year or shortly afterward. Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas would likely be offered that position.

CNN had suggested based on unnamed sources that the White House was "contemplating a scenario to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo within the next few months". He's been a supporter of President Trump.

"He's here. Rex is here", the president said. Mr Trump publicly criticised Mr Tillerson during the secretary's trip to Asia for "wasting his time" by attempting to hold a diplomatic conversation with North Korea.

Nauert suggested Thursday that the intrigue about Tillerson's future was part of a "tough game of politics" typical in Washington and that the secretary brushed it off in his "unflappable" manner.

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