Vikas becomes the captain again

Bandagi's ex boyfriend Dennis Nagpal reveals the real reason why she wants to break up with Puneesh

Bandagi's ex boyfriend Dennis Nagpal reveals the real reason why she wants to break up with Puneesh

After eight weeks, the housemates have now realised that they can't trust anyone.

Salman Khan in his husky voice opened the Weekend Ka Vaar episode in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

The contestants wake up to the song, "DJ Waale Babu". He told him that the act was totally wrong.

On Friday, Arshi has only Shilpa on her mind.

Markets in green, Sensex 116 pts up
At the close, the benchmark 30-share index, BSE Sensex lost 453.41 or 1.35% at 33,149.35 with 25 components registering drop. Globally, most Asian markets stayed cautious as investors brushed off early worries about North Korea's latest missile test.

Vikas says this house is good for Karma and Shilpa is getting back what she has done to him in this house. Hina says that Bandgi justifies Puneesh's actions.

Hina too was named as the villain so even she got a grilling dose from the host for using red chilli powder in the task. Hiten joins the conversation to clear the matter.

Vikas tries to make amends with Arshi. But Arshi persistently complains that why didn't Shilpa ask her directly the way she did with Puneesh and Bandgi. Who will Puneesh choose? Shilpa quietly walks away and goes into the kitchen.

It is a day when all contestants buried their misunderstandings to come together and dance with each other. Current Captain Hiten is selected as the sanchalak for this task.

Baby declared dead by hospital found alive before cremation
The doctor in charge of the case has been sent on leave and a detailed inquiry has been initiated to look further into the matter. But on the way to the funeral, the parents saw the living twin squirming around and rushed him to another hospital.

We see both contestants trying hard to convince the fellow contestants to dance for them. Salman tells Puneesh that it must have happened before, but this week, no one instigated him. The task begins, and the first song to play is Saat Samundar.

Vikas ends his friendship with Arshi.

Vikas begs Priyank to keep him in his list if he wins and becomes the captain. His decision matters the most. He dances for Vikas, thus making him the next captain of the house.

An interesting moment in the episode was between Luv Tyagi and Priyank where the boys talked about their "friend" Hina Khan. Salman also agrees that Puneesh is the villain this week. Salman told her what if she had gone blind. Salman also questioned Shilpa Shinde for not correcting Puneesh when she could.

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Japan's parliament enacted in June a law to allow the emperor to pass the Chrysanthemum throne on to his 57-year-old elder son. In this regard, the Japanese Parliament passed a law allowing the Emperor to abdicate and to retire.

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