Bill O'Reilly sued for defamation by one of his accusers

Bill O'Reilly Sued by Allegedly Abused Employee You Talked Trash On Me

Bill O'Reilly Sued by Allegedly Abused Employee You Talked Trash On Me

A woman who entered a confidential settlement agreement with Bill O'Reilly in 2002 while at Fox News charged in a lawsuit Monday that the "serial abuser and coward" smeared her as a liar, breaking the terms of their deal.

A woman who settled with television host Bill O'Reilly is now leveling a new lawsuit against him and Fox News. Bernstein says that "repeatedly complained" to Fox News's human resource department.

Bernstein complained in 2002 that she was mistreated by O'Reilly when she worked for the network, and ultimately reached a settlement agreement with the network. According to the Times, Bernstein's suit did not, unlike some of the other claims against O'Reilly, involve sexual harassment.

Her suit names both Fox News and O'Reilly as defendants and seeks damages to be determined at trial for breach of contract, defamation and other claims. She was forced out of her job at Fox News and paid a settlement because of his mistreatment. Bernstein's attorneys also pointed to O'Reilly's response to another Times story published in October, which stated that he paid a $32 million settlement earlier this year to Lis Wiehl, a former legal analyst for Fox News.

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Bernstein says in her suit she was not a source for investigative stories on O'Reilly's behavior.

Bernstein argued that all this violates the non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses in her settlement.

The woman, Rachel Witlieb Bernstein, is one of six known to have reached settlements after making accusations against Mr. O'Reilly. "Mr. O'Reilly is fully committed to supporting our efforts to improve the environment for all our employees at Fox News". He was the network's top rated personality for most of that time.

"A History" author has time and again claimed that the harassment allegations that led to his ouster from the Fox News in April have no merit while adding that he resolved the matters privately just to protect his children.

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Subsequent statements by O'Reilly are alleged to have violated the nondisparagement clause, according to Bernstein.

Bernstein said there was no hot line in existence at the time of her employment.

Reps for Fox News and Bill O'Reilly were not immediately available for comment.

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