Billy Bush Told Stephen Colbert the Full Access Hollywood Tape Story

Aide Mother Pence Thinks the President Is

Aide Mother Pence Thinks the President Is"Totally Vile

After the recording went public, Bush lost his job at the Today show, while Trump went on to be elected the 45th president of the United States, a fact Colbert couldn't help but point out on Monday's Late Show. For almost 13 minutes, Bush spoke with Stephen Colbert about the entire ordeal.

While Trump has yet to respond to or tweet about Bush's op-ed, the reiteration of Trump's guilt isn't happening in a vacuum as Bush notes that there were actually "seven other guys present on the bus". "You dealt with it for 14 minutes and went on to be the president".

Colbert made Bush slightly uncomfortable when he said that they would be showing the infamous Access Hollywood tape during the interview.

Bush, the nephew of former president George H.W. Bush, said that he hadn't educated himself on sexual harassment accusations against Trump when they emerged shortly after the "Access Hollywood" tape was released because he had recently been terminated from NBC, but has recently done so. However, Bush wanted the President to be held accountable for his past actions as countless women have stepped forward to talk about how the Commander-in-Chief harassed them.

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"But then you've got 20 women, at the time - I don't know what the exact number is, cuz there's more - but 20 women who used their names", he said. "Let's take down a powerful guy together!" You were there. I was there. Enough is enough. Stop playing around with people's lives.

"The first time I ever heard it was three days before it leaked", Bush told Colbert. "And so it was like a gut punch", Bush said.

Bush, who is related to both President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush, seized the opportunity to set the record straight by calling out the president's deflection of culpability.

Now, as he told Colbert, Bush worries that Trump is toying with his accusers' lives and well-being by reportedly questioning the tape. "If I had thought there was a man detailing a sexual assault strategy to me, I would have contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and not just brought it to the attention of my producers".

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In addition to speaking with Colbert, Bush also wrote an op-ed in The New York Times on Monday, condemning Trump for his reported comments on the authenticity of the "Access Hollywood" tape.

"Matt Lauer controlled that show".

"When he said this, it infuriated me on the personal front, and then..." "I think it was very hot emotionally". He could have protected anybody and he did famously protect people from being fired from that show. "We had a conversation about that and he told me that he went privately to the bosses and took that line", Bush recounted. "Do you wish he would have protected you?" "And I said I appreciated it and I accepted it and thanked him".

Man, oh man. Regardless, the main thing Billy's learned from this whole experience is that "women must be believed". "I'm anxious that the dialogue isn't going to be around because we move onto the next thing", he added. And she said, 'No, why were you laughing at the things that he was saying on that bus, Dad?

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