Now Telegram allow its users to use multiple accounts

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Image Telegram

This new update is rolling out as version 4.7 on Android and the multiple account support is the highlight of the update. In addition, Telegram now support the quick reply feature that had debuted on WhatsApp months back.

Telegram is one of the more popular messaging clients available today, and recently the company behind the app have been adding new features. So instead, v4.7 of Telegram for Android brings support for multiple accounts.

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Aside from the new theme option for iOS users, Android users received an upgrade alongside them considering that it was already customizable in the previous version of the app.

You are able to easily switch between them from the side menu of the app, but Telegram will send notifications for all of them regardless of which one is now active. You can add up to three accounts with different phone numbers to your Telegram app, and then quickly switch between them from the side menu. You can also tweak different accent colours under the Day theme and change the appearance of the app. Telegram users on iOS can now get to choose between four themes, which also includes one minimalistic theme called Day, and two dark themes called Night and Night Blue. However, notifications from all the accounts will pop up on the screen (enabled by default) even if you are now using one of those accounts.

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Well, that's all that Telegram has included in its 4.7 update.

Both platforms have gained the new Quick Replies feature which you can access by simply swiping left on message in a chat to reply to that message.

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