Frigid weather causes South Florida iguanas to fall from trees

Lizard blizzard: iguanas rain from trees as animals struggle with US cold snap

Lizard blizzard: iguanas rain from trees as animals struggle with US cold snap

Sea turtles are also subject to freezing up in the cold weather and FWC biologists have been sent to rescue turtles found floating along the shore. It's leading to a lot of scaly surprised for Floridians, who are finding the "cold-stunned" lizards everywhere.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission warned the frozen iguanas - seen falling from their perches in trees or lying stiff near backyard pools - aren't dead, but rather immobilized by the cold weather.

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In 2010, a two-week cold snap with temperatures below 40 degrees in South Florida killed many iguanas, along with Burmese pythons and other invasive pets that thrive in the state's subtropical climate.

"Once it gets above 50 degrees they'll start to activate and move around", said Maple.

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Maple advised people to put stiffened iguanas aside and in the sun to let them thaw. Although they do a great job of playing dead, they're still very much alive and are simply too cold to move. That means that it just takes a little heat to warm them up and is a good reason to exercise extreme caution in handling the temporarily frozen reptiles. However, although the iguanas may appear lifeless, they're usually not. For Florida homeowners, the county has a set of tips on deterring and otherwise inconveniencing iguanas here, though even the county admits the lizards are "probably here to stay".

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