Pakistan to Take 'Tough Stance' Against Trump If Aid Revoked

Trump Only 'lies and deceit' from Pakistan

Trump Only 'lies and deceit' from Pakistan

The State Department's declaration signalled growing frustration over Pakistan's co-operation in fighting terrorist networks.

Pakistan has criticized and noted with "deep disappointment" charges contained in a New Year tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump and said Islamabad could not be held responsible for the "collective failure" in Afghanistan.

As the United States administration withheld the 225 million dollar assistance to Pakistan, it said that there are clear reasons for this.

"Just a few weeks ago, Trump praised Pakistan for starting to 'respect the United States.' The incoherence of our Pakistan policy works against our interests because it undermines the power of our hypothetical stick or the sweetness of our purported carrots", she said. None of the $900 million as so far been disbursed, the Pentagon said.

The former diplomat who hosted Trump as the candidate for his first major foreign policy speech called for suspension of economic assistance to Pakistan, holding Pakistan accountable before regional and worldwide organizations in association with India and Afghanistan.

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In a Twitter post on the first day of 2018, US President Donald Trump had accused Pakistan of "lying and deceit" and providing safe havens to terrorists despite taking over $33 billion in aid.

The remarks by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders came after Trump accused Pakistan of giving nothing to the USA but "lies and deceit" and providing "safe haven" to terrorists in return for $33 billion aid over the last 15 years.

Trump unveiled in August a South Asia strategy aimed at ending the stalemate in the USA war in Afghanistan, now entering its 17th year. "They can do more to stop terrorism and we want them to do that", Sanders said.

In his first message on the first day of the New Year, Trump unleashed a volley of allegations against Pakistan, saying the South Asian country has not done enough in return for USA aid.

The United States also alleges that senior Afghan Taliban commanders live on Pakistani soil, and has signaled it will cut aid and take other steps if Islamabad does not stop helping or turning a blind eye to Haqqani militants crossing the border to carry out attacks in Afghanistan.

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The White House is calling on Pakistan to do more to fight terrorism and says that it will announce "specific actions" within days to pressure Islamabad.

Shah, the opposition leader, indicated that "Pakistan had paid a heavy price for allying itself with the USA since 1979".

Furthermore, with Trump already being accused of stoking fires in the Middle East with his decision to move the us embassy to Jerusalem, the USA president will now be the convenient fall guy for any anomalous hike in violence around the perpetually volatile Af-Pak border. -Pakistani co-operation for winning the release of an American woman, her Canadian husband and their children who had been held by Haqqani militants for five years.

He added that Pakistan considered US' enemies as its own time and again, and rendered services relentlessly. "If the USA escalates in kinetic terms with drone strikes outside the established zones, Pakistan can escalate in kind and attempt to shoot down some drones", said Mr. Lalwani. "It is natural for us to enhance communication and exchanges", Geng said.

But then, US Vice President Mike Pence - in his unannounced, December 22 visit to Afghanistan - had issued an apparent warning to Pakistan, saying it "has much to gain from partnering with our efforts in Afghanistan".

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