Google Doodle Honors Indian American Biochemist Har Gobind Khorana

Google honors scientist Har Gobind Khorana with new Doodle

Google honors scientist Har Gobind Khorana with new Doodle

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According to Know Genetics, a nucleotide "is the basic structural unit and building block for DNA". He also researched the structure and function of rhodopsin, a light sensitive protein found in the eye. In 1968, he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. According to Nobel Prize's biography of Dr. Khorana, she "brought a consistent sense of goal into his life at a time when, after six years' absence from the country of his birth, Khorana felt out of place everywhere and at home nowhere". The image could be seen by Google users in 13 countries, including the United States, India, Argentina, Chile and Japan. Dr. Khorana and his family lived in a small village of Raipur, India. The area is now part of Pakistan. His father instilled the importance of learning by helping his children to read and write, which wasn't common for villagers at the time. His research and studies took him to England, Switzerland, Canada and eventually the U.S. By 1960, he moved to University of Wisconsin's Institute for Enzyme Research. He received it in 1968 along with Robert Holley and Marshall Nirenberg.

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The three scientists cracked the code that is DNA as they learned about the inner functions of the nucleotides - discovering that the order of nucleotides determines which amino acids are built.

The research which make him prominent personality in science was construction of the world first artificial gene.

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Khorana's Doodle was drawn by Bangalore-based illustrator Rohan Dahotre.

Google continues to inspire as well as inform with their Google Doodles.

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The doodle on the home page of Google shows the sketch of Dr Khorana on the right side and the logo in its colours modified to depict the RNA chains. He passed away on November 9, 2011.

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