Shilpa Shinde smashes Hina Khan's 'Sherr Khan' coffee mug!

Akash became the latest victim and was voted out of Bigg Boss 11

Akash became the latest victim and was voted out of Bigg Boss 11

Yesterday, Shilpa Shinde destroyed Vikas Gupta's t-shirts and jackets in oil paint.

Is Akash Dadlani out of Bigg Boss?

The finale of the Bigg Boss season 11 on Colors TV will be broadcast coming weekend. She is very angry at Akash Dadlani getting over cosy with her. Puneesh tries to make Akash understand that he's committing a mistake getting close to Shilpa.

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Hina, who doesn't know how to cook didn't like that, and Vikas Gupta sided with her and it was like the two were ganging up against Shilpa. In the final segment of tonight's episode, Bigg Boss summons all the contests in the garden area for surprise eviction. In tonight's episode, Arshi Khan will be taking a test of meanness of the contestants. Arshi gives Shilpa the chance to break Hina's mug. She tells Arshi Vikas and Hina said she doesn't do task and now she did it. Shilpa says that she will show them what being mean is. His friendship and bonding with Arshi Khan always kept him in the limelight.

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Akash Dadlani is a US-born Sindhi, who is working hard in India to earn name and fame as a singer. It's clear that the rapport between Shilpa and Hina is going to be exactly like this even after they come out of the house. Hina proposed to destroy his artificial chains while Puneesh suggested to destroy his towel. The first contestant to be tormented is Akash Dadlani. Vikas Gupta asks Akash to be careful with his behaviour as he is spoiling his image in front of the viewers. A few weeks ago, Shilpa had reprimanded Akash for kissing and trying to snuggle her without her consent and this topic was resurrected again after Shilpa complained about it to other contestants. With this, Vikas won the task and Arshi exited the house. Shilpa, who is Puneesh's BFF in the house proposes to destroy his favourite red shoes. Akash Khan discusses about Shilpa Shinde's allegations on him.

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