Great Detective Pikachu Amiibo Revealed in New English Trailer

Pokemon Crystal Coming to 3DS on January 26th

Pokemon Crystal Coming to 3DS on January 26th

Detective Pikachu might become also big in the West as a Holywood movie is planed with Ryan Reynolds. The giant Detective Pikachu amiibo will be released on the same day.

Oh, one last thing: you don't actually play as Detective Pikachu in the game, you play as his new human friend "Tim Goodman" (which sounds like an alias if I've ever heard one). Cases that would be impossible for Tim to solve alone can be cracked with the help of this Pikachu, because he is able to obtain vital clues and information from other Pokémon. The Detective Pikachu amiibo is not listed yet on any online store.

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Detective Pikachu is a follow-up of the Japanese-exclusive Detective Pikachu - Birth of a New Duo. With a new trailer we now know, along with the fact that a new Great Detective Pikachu amiibo is coming as well. It still works like a standard amiibo, though - plop its hefty stand onto your 3DS' NFC reader and it will unlock short videos that could help get you past some tough spots. Along the way, he meets Detective Pikachu, a unique Pokemon who can talk.

For those who haven't been keeping up, Detective Pikachu is a mystery adventure game, somewhat similar to the Ace Attorney titles.

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Originally released in Japan during 2016, The Pokemon Company announced today Detective Pikachu will arrive in Europe and North America in both digital and physical formats.

Detective Pikachu will be released on March 23 through the eShop and retail for $39.99 or your regional equivalent. The app will send you a smartphone notification as soon as the Detective Pikachu amiibo is in stock or available for pre-order online.

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