Spotify launches new experimental free music app Stations

Spotify Tests Free Stations App for Leanback Listening

Spotify Tests Free Stations App for Leanback Listening

Stations will probably serve ads, and the idea might be to convince users to sign up for Spotify Premium, which doesn't have them.

The app makes it simple to jump straight into listening to a selection of tunes which will appeal to numerous streaming generation.

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Spotify has quietly launched a new music streaming app named Stations that allows for listening to music for free. Now, with an on-demand streaming option, a recent acquisition by Sirius XM, and a ton of competitors, there's no telling what the app's future may hold, especially with a new Spotify app called Stations.

Stations is in a purely experimental phase, and is now only available via Google Play in Australia on certain devices.

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Stations is different, because all members (paid-up or otherwise) will only be able to choose from a pre-determined list of music playlists. While the desktop app is much more versatile and lenient in terms of offering great user experience, the mobile version is very limited. Spotify wants to keep those users onboard, which is what the new Stations app aims to achieve. However, several users have complained that there's no way to skip tracks.

Despite having nearly all the music in the world at your hands with streaming services like Spotify, it can sometimes be too overwhelming that you can't decide what to listen to. The new app lets you choose a "station", which is basically a curated playlist of songs in that genre. It also employs a bit of AI as the more you use it and listen to stations, the more it will understand what you like and eventually create personalized stations for you. Spotify app users will also spot popular playlists like Discover Weekly, Viral and Release Rader among others that they usually come across in the original app.

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