Moon does three-in-one, gazers watch red moon, super moon, eclipse

Super Blue Blood Moon: What to expect in Tampa Bay

Super Blue Blood Moon: What to expect in Tampa Bay

People across the world enjoyed the rare sighting of a supermoon, a Blood Moon and a lunar eclipse, together yesterday.

(Reuters) People set up telescopes in front of the financial Central district for the super blue moon and eclipse in Hong Kong.

Paul Taylor's stunning view from Hawke's Bay caught the eye of many on Facebook.

A lunar eclipse, a supermoon and a blue moon had not coincided since 31 March 1866.

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Robert Strong, the Director of Smart Center, said, "These things only happen when the moon is in the full stage".

"The moon orbits the earth, in an ellipse, so sometimes the moon is close to the earth than other times and we call that the Perigee, and that's going to happen through Wednesday night".

A blood moon occurs when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun, giving the Moon a reddish tint.

The much awaited "Supermoon" became visible in India a little later than expected on Wednesday but when it did, millions of stargazers across the country relished the rare celestial triple delight with a sense of awe.

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"It was great that the Astronomical Society brought their equipment for people to see this fantastic event first hand", she said.

The extreme east of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Russia, Australia and New Zealand also saw the spectacle. And lastly, it is also the second full moon of the month, commonly known as a "blue moon".

According to NASA, the moon will be 223,068 miles from the Earth tonight, nearly 15,000 miles closer than average.

NASA trained its telescopes and instruments on its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter on the Moon to measure the effect of the temperature drop during the one-hour-16-minute eclipse. Blue wavelengths are scattered away, leaving primarily those at the red end of the spectrum, giving a rusty glow to the moon.

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The next total lunar eclipse that will be visible from India will take place on July 27, 2018 but it will not be a similar celestial phenomenon like tonight, he said.

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