Cell phones cause tumors in rats, says new research

A trio of cell phone users flit through an app

A trio of cell phone users flit through an app

The rodent studies do not reflect real-life cellphone use, he cautioned.

Do cellphones cause cancer? The schwannoma evidence is "the strongest cancer finding in our study", said Bucher.

Perhaps tellingly, in response to a question asked both in 2016 and this weekend, NTP scientist Bucher said the available data hasn't prompted him to change anything about the way he now uses mobile phones. There are additional unusual findings from the study, such as the exposed rats living longer than the control group rats, that we are assessing to understand how that may be relevant to the results. The rats and mice in the tests were hit with cellphone radiation for nine hours a day, over two-years.

"International and US organizations and health experts have maintained their longstanding conclusion that the scientific evidence shows no known health risk due to the RF energy emitted by cellphones", said Justin Cole, a spokesman for the trade group. However, if you remain anxious about cell phone usage, earphones and texting are good and safe alternatives to putting a cell to your ear.

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The new reports were based on data from two years of study pursued in a quest to determine whether cellphones - our main source of exposure to radiofrequency radiation - are emitting waves that increase our risk of cancer.

To help concerned consumers take steps to protect themselves and their families, EWG has created tools and tips that can help reduce exposure to cellphone radiation.

Cellphone radiation quickly dissipates, so the risk, if any, would be to areas of the body in close proximity to the device emitting the radiation, Bucher said.

Looking at the results in animals, the conclusions still require careful discussion, as our preliminary understanding of the NTP results is that the study found mostly equivocal, or ambiguous, evidence that whole body radiofrequency energy exposures given to rats or mice in the study actually caused cancer in these animals. It does not apply to 4G or 5G, which use different frequencies and modulation, he said. So the FDA asked the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a division within the National Institutes of Health, to investigate.

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With cell phones, we have relied extensively on a myriad of scientific evidence developed over many years to help inform our regulatory thinking. "Even with frequent daily use by the vast majority of adults, we have not seen an increase in events like brain tumors", the FDA's statement says. "I wouldn't change my behavior based on these studies, and I haven't", he said.

"The current safety limits for cell phones are acceptable for protecting the public health", FDA radiation health chief Dr Jeffrey Shuren said in a statement.

Nevertheless, the findings are potentially a concern for device makers, especially the world's three biggest smartphone sellers, Apple Inc, Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and China's Huawei Technologies. But two government studies released on Friday, one in rats and one in mice, suggest that if there is any risk, it is small, health officials have said. A draft report was released on Friday for public comment and peer review, in advance of an external expert review on March 26-28.

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