Lancaster woman bemused by mention in viral Paul Ryan tweet

Paul Ryan deletes tax bill tweet after being dragged for not understanding math

Paul Ryan deletes tax bill tweet after being dragged for not understanding math

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Saturday celebrated a public school secretary who said her paycheck had grown $1.50 per week larger as a result of Republicans' tax bill.

Yesterday, Ryan posted a Tweet noting the secretary's increase and linking to the AP story.

Ryan was responding to an Associated Press story about the controversial tax overhaul's effect on Americans' paychecks.

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While Ryan deleted the post quickly, the notion that he was bragging about giving a secretary an extra $78 a year - while the richest 1 percent of Americans benefit from 82 percent of the GOP tax benefits long-term - didn't sit well with most people. Enough to cover her year-long Costco membership, she boasted. "That adds up to $78 a year, which she said will more than cover her Costco membership for the year". In fact, most Americans depend on their paychecks to get them through the immediate days and can not access adequate social services - something that is available in other equally developed countries.

"Paul Ryan deleted his embarrassing tweet of a blatant admission because he and Republicans don't want you to know the truth: the #GOPTaxScam is a gift to corporate America and the top 1% at your expense", she said.

Likewise $1.50 vs. $500,000 - the latter amount being what GOP financier Charles Koch and his wife reportedly donated to Ryan's fundraising committee days after the tax bill passed. "Chip in $1.50 now to help us repeal and replace Ryan permanently this November", Bryce tweeted.

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Within hours he deleted it.

Ryan's Twitter account has been quiet on tax cut savings since the ill-advised tweet. Screenshots were shared by national media outlets, politicians and numerous other Twitter users.

"The paragraph above me, and the paragraph below my quote - those people got hundreds more and I got $1.50 per paycheck more".

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Earlier this week, Republicans attacked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., when she called the payouts after the tax bill "crumbs".

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