First modern Briton had dark complexion and blue eyes

DNA shows first modern Briton had dark skin, blue eyes

DNA shows first modern Briton had dark skin, blue eyes

The testing also eliminated Cheddar Man's relation to the dwellers of Gough's Cave.

As Hannah Devlin of the Guardian explains, Cheddar Man's appearance has been the subject of considerable interest because he belonged to the first wave of migrants to establish a continuous human presence in Britain after around 11,700 years ago; before that, humans had temporarily settled in the region and cleared out during various ice ages.

Cheddar Man's skin colour was described as "dark to black" by the scientific team which also included researchers from London's Natural History Museum, where the skeleton is on display in the Human Evolution gallery.

In 1903, the remains of a 10,000-year-old man were discovered in the Cheddar Gorge of Somerset, England.

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Subsequent examination has shown that the man was short by today's standards - about 5ft 5in - and probably died in his early 20s. Most likely, members of his tribe placed him inside the cave. Each genome contains all of the information needed to build and maintain that organism.

Just a few years ago, the reconstruction of his face looked quite different. But the team led by Professor Ian Barnes and Dr. Selina Brace, both at The Natural History Museum, was lucky.

Professors looking at Cheddar Man in detail.

"In the cave you have a really nice, cool, dry, constant environment, and that basically prevents the DNA from breaking down", she said. The new research shows that he was part of the Western hunter-gatherer population.

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"It seems that pale eyes entered Europe long before pale skin or blond hair, which didn't come along until after the arrival of farming. Pale skin is better at absorbing UV light and helps humans avoid vitamin D deficiency in climates with less sunlight".

The findings are groundbreaking not just because of what they reveal about Cheddar Man himself but because of what they say about Britons at that time.

Paleo artists - twins Alfons and Adrie Kennis - then spent three months building a 3D model using a high-tech scanner.

Prior to this DNA analysis, it was commonly believed that "Cheddar Man" would have had the same traits of pale skin and hair that became common among future generations of Britons. "The discovery suggests that the lighter pigmentation now considered to be a defining feature of northern Europe is a far more recent phenomenon", the researchers wrote in a statement.

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Britain's Channel 4 will air a documentary on how the analysis was completed, called First Brit: Secrets of the 10,000 Year Old Man, on February 18. The avowed white nationalist told Younge that due to his race "you'll never be an Englishman", on a Channel 4 documentary on Whiteness. "And it maybe gets rid of the idea that you have to look a certain way to be from somewhere".

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