Obama 'Needs to Know The whole lot We're Doing — FBI Texts

Rep. Peter King: The FBI Duped FISA Court to Obtain Warrants Against Trump Officials

Rep. Peter King: The FBI Duped FISA Court to Obtain Warrants Against Trump Officials

The FBI closed the investigation in July 2016, and concluded that while Clinton was "extremely careless", it would not recommend filing any charges.

In previously released text messages, the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents frequently discussed their distain for candidate and later, President Trump.

For his part, President Trump responded on Twitter to the newly released texts, describing them as "bombshells".

Other texts showed more anti-Trump sentiments.

I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department, or the FBI, not just in this case, but in any case. Later that month, on November 13, 2016 Page wrote, "I bought all the president's men".

"This", Strzok wrote, "will never end". Donald Trump Jr. also seized on the reference, saying in a tweet that "this is a really big deal".

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"One thing that I have done is to be pretty [scrupulous] about not wading into investigations and decisions and prosecution decisions or decisions not to prosecute", Obama told reporters. But it was impossible to discern from the texts alone what specifically the president was inquiring about.

The question becomes why Comey was only informed by his investigative team on October 27, if the Clinton emails on Weiner's laptop were discovered by September 28, at the latest.

Mueller, a former FBI director, is examining whether Trump tried to obstruct his investigation, a criminal act that has the potential to endanger Trump's presidency.

On September 2, 2016, the attorney said she was preparing the information because "potus wants to know everything we're doing", raising new questions about his involvement in the investigation.

Strzok and Page, who were involved in an extramarital affair, exchanged thousands of texts during the presidential campaign, transition and first months of the Trump presidency. Congressman Louis Gohmert concluded on Fox & Friends "it means the President wants to know what they're doing to try to stop Trump".

An Obama spokesman did not return messages seeking comment. Page, who'd also been detailed to that team, left that assignment before the messages were discovered. The last one was written by Page to Strzok on June 23, 2017.

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Some of Strzok and Page's texts have drawn concern over what looks like more than general anti-Trump sentiment.

"I'm sure an honest answer will come out of that meeting " Strzok wrote, referring to the Putin-Obama encounter. "I unleashed it with MYE. Figure I need to brush up on Watergate".

"God he is SO good", Strzok said. And his views, while decidedly anti-Trump, are also complicated.

Right-wing media have once again been forced to reap what they sow by promoting stories based on out-of-context text messages sent between the GOP's new favorite boogeymen.

"Taken together, this information warrants further inquiry", the report said.

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