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Great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst has a message for Donald Trump

Great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst has a message for Donald Trump

In June 1917, the Representation of the People Bill had been passed by a large majority in the House of Commons, with 385 votes for to 55 against.

In parliament's spectacular central lobby four historic acts of law will go on display together for the first time.

The culprit Anne Hunt, who was dubbed "Hatchet Fiend", "Fury with a Chopper" and "Wild Woman" in press reports, was sentenced to six months in jail for the stunt.

When Thatcher took office in 1979 only 3 percent of lawmakers in parliament were women. The first black woman MP to ever be elected was Hackney's Diane Abbott.

These attitudes are perhaps depicted best by some of the counter campaigns to "Votes for Women".

"They thought it would cause dissension in the home if a man wanted to vote conservative and his wife liberal", she says. "A lot's changed in the 100 years since women got the vote". Following the 1884 act, approximately two in three men now had the vote. The suffragettes changed this.

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Some historians credit the role of women in World War I as more important in securing voting rights than militant activism.

100 years has passed since women over 30 were legally permitted to vote in general elections after the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) fought for fifteen years for womens' democratic rights. Yet a century later, the suffragettes have now become exhibition subjects.

Disenchanted by the lack of progress with women's suffrage and convinced that agitation was necessary to promote the cause, the suffragettes caused unrest through visible protest, vandalism and violence, including breaking windows, disrupting political meetings and chaining themselves to railings of 10 Downing Street and other political buildings.

Under pressure, the former interior minister returned to a favoured refrain in Manchester, renewing her call for a fight against online abuse, which she says often targets women lawmakers more than men.

The queen even gave her lodgings at Hampton Court Palace, where she was often seen distributing suffragette newspapers, but despite these royal connections she was a member of the Women's Tax Resistance League. The Anti-suffrage movement engaged in public debates, created publicity materials to counter those of the suffragists, and argued that support for Women's Suffrage was unpatriotic, especially during World War I. They sought instead to contain the masses within the system by extending the vote to all males aged over 21.

To put that into context, that was a staggering 37 years before the Representation of the People Act 1918 in the United Kingdom.

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A year later, it was announced that more than 250,000 people, both men and women, had signed a petition against giving women the vote.

Women were allowed to sit in the House of Lords as life peers (who are unable to pass their title on to their children) from 1958, but they could not sit as hereditary peers (those who had inherited their titles) until 1963.

But for many thousands of women, it was not a moment of celebration.

British women won the right to vote 100 years ago after an intense struggle marked by a violent fringe campaign that shocked the country but helped to change the world. Australia followed suit in 1902, though suffrage was still restricted for indigenous Australians. After France further hospitals were established in Serbia, Russia, Greece, Malta and Corsica.It's a tragedy that Elsie and so many others did not live to celebrate achieving the vote but their contributions, through their war efforts and campaigning, demonstrated women's unequivocal capabilities and dismantled the long-held views that women were inferior and not up to the task.

Mr Corbyn said: 'As a country, we must recognise and honour the enormous contribution and sacrifice made by women who campaigned for the right to vote.

"We have raised this flag to remember the importance of them as not only women got the vote, but men got their vote too and people forget that".

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