No word from BC as feds overhaul pipeline rules

BC premier John Horgan Twitter

BC premier John Horgan Twitter

But just last week Horgan suggested the opposite: it would be "premature" for Alberta to file a legal challenge against B.C. because "there's nothing to take to court".

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has said the move is illegal and unconstitutional.

McNeil said any product - whether it be Alberta oil or hydro power from Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba and Quebec - should be shared with as many Canadians as possible.

"We are calling on the premier to think very seriously about the severity of the actions and the path that they're undertaking here".

Canada will introduce new review rules for major projects such as pipelines, after pledging it wanted to give investors firm, predictable timelines.

"We are now in court with respect to the Kinder Morgan process and until we get a resolution from the federal court, that is an open question". "Lana Popham, the minister of agriculture, is reaching out to growers across the Okanagan". We stand with our wine industry.

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Unfortunately for the B.C. wine industry and other innocent parties that get swept up in this dispute, there's no easy escape route for Horgan, either.

"I am committed to this and I'm going to see this through to completion", he said in an interview at the company's Calgary headquarters on Wednesday. I deliberately wasn't available to [the media Tuesday] because I don't believe it's in anyone's interest to have duelling premiers.

In Victoria, Horgan said while he and Notley may both be New Democrats, that is a secondary consideration. And that's my only focus in the days, weeks and months ahead.

"Alberta doesn't have a thriving domestic wine industry; they've got a great craft beer industry", he added.

Beyond mouthing passive platitudes supporting Trans Mountain, Trudeau has done nothing to advance a pipeline that has earned his government's blessing after it passed an exhaustive regulatory approval process.

Albertans spent $72 million on B.C. wine a year ago, with nearly 95 per cent of all Canadian wine sold here coming from our western neighbour.

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While the measure might seem to make sense as a strike-back strategy in the ongoing pipeline dispute between the two provinces, the tactic comes across as rather petty when viewed with an objective eye.

"A working free-trade relationship between Alberta and British Columbia is imperative to securing economic well-being for Canada", he said.

Alberta quickly retaliated by suspending talks to buy B.C. electricity and then escalated the fight, announcing this week that the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will halt the importation of wine from B.C. producers. And lo and behold, the Trans Mountain extension was approved. "We have agricultural workers who are going to lose jobs and Albertans who are going to lose out on our premium wine".

The federal government approved the expansion more than a year ago, saying it was in the national interest, but opponents have managed to delay construction and last week B.C. proposed regulations to ban increased flows of oil pending research into how a spill could be cleaned up. She has also threatened that after wine, Alberta may look to stop BC craft beer from heading east.

But for federal mediation to work, at least one of the two feuding NDP premiers would have to have a political incentive to meet the other part way.

Collins said her boycott wasn't an attack on small B.C. businesses but instead a way to stand up for Alberta - "our economy is being hurt here".

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"We're going to ensure that pipeline gets built because it is in the national interest", Trudeau told reporters in San Francisco, California during the second day of his Western U.S. tour.

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