BC minimum wage to increase to $15.20 by 2021

Gradual wage increase

Gradual wage increase

Premier John Horgan says the plan is to reach $15 an hour in 2021.

On June 1, there will be a $1.30 an hour increase, bringing the minimum wage to $12.65 an hour.

According to the provincial government, 94,000 B.C. workers will earn a higher wage this year as a result of this increase, and 400,000 will see a benefit by 2021.

Good news for workers earning the minimum wage in British Columbia.

"I am certain that those that are making the minimum wage will feel better on June 1 of this year and the year after that and the year after that", said Horgan.

Patrick Stafford-Smith, chief executive officer of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, said the business community was expecting the minimum wage hikes but he hopes that it's not a case of "keeping up with the Joneses".

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The FWC suggested in a report to the government in January a potential increase to $15.40 an hour in 2021, depending on economic conditions.

Thursday's announcement was met with some applause, but some were upset with the timeline.

Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade, said the planned increases are set to happen too quickly.

"If we're going to be competitive, we're going to be able to recruit and retain workers in sectors like hospitality and others that pay, on balance, lower wages, we need to make sure we are competitive with other jurisdictions", he said, noting that both Alberta and Washington State have plans to reach $15 an hour. "Like all British Columbians, our lowest-paid workers deserve a fair shake and a fair wage".

She points out that other provinces such as Ontario and Alberta have moved much faster to achieve a $15 minimum wage.

"Poverty and inequality are rampant in our province while B.C.is Canada's most expensive place to live", said B.C. Federation of Labour president Irene Lanzinger.

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There are about 500,000 workers in B.C. who are being paid too little to cross the poverty line, even if they work full-time, Lanzinger said. One in seven holds a post-secondary degree.

"This commission should be empowered with the explicit mandate of analyzing the impacts of minimum wage increases and recommending changes going forward based on evidence", adds Weaver.

"There are many small businesses that this will impact in terms of their labour costs and if they have difficulty passing on those costs to customers, then it could be a real impact to them - many of those who do not earn a lot of money themselves", he said.

The NDP government endorsed recommendations from the Fair Wages Commission (FWC).

"We're pleased that we finally have a path to 15 and workers know when they are going to get there", she said.

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