Woman crawls into x-ray machine to protect her handbag

Woman climbs into x-ray machine because she didn't want to leave her bag

Woman climbs into x-ray machine because she didn't want to leave her bag

Personally, I have a mini freak out session even time there's a long crowd at a train station pushing me to go first.

However, this Chinese lady took it to the next level.

In a freakish incident that occurred at a train station in Dongguan, southern China's Guangdong Province, on February 11, a woman climbed inside an X-ray machine as she was scared that her bag could get stolen during the mad rush.

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This turned out to be a woman who - concerned about losing the money in her handbag - climbed into the X-ray machine with it when asked to put the bag through the security check, the report said.

Airport or station security points can be absolutely rammed, and when you finally get to the metal detector, you feel the pressure of a thousand eyes watching as you de-metal yourself quicker than an Aldi checkout.

The incident took place on February 11, days before China's upcoming Lunar New Year, to be celebrated on February 16. It's the Lunar New Year travel rush, also known as the largest human migration in the world.

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Fine by her, but she followed, crawling into the machine with her handbag.

Video from the digital news platform Pear Video, linked on the Facebook page of the state-run People's Daily newspaper and widely picked up online, showed a guard apparently telling the woman that, yes, small bags need to go in the machine, too.

Thankfully, the woman wouldn't have been exposed to that much radiation from the machine, but it's always best to avoid it if you can.

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Imagine being the officer in charge of monitoring the X-ray machine.

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